About Us

Who We Are?

We are a team of architects, architectural draftsman, and interior designer from Ahmedabad. After years of designing and detailing buildings of varied nature, we felt the need for quality house plans and designs that can be useful to a lot of plot owners from around the country (India). For catering to the ever growing requirement of house designing work we started with this online architectural design consultancy and through this anybody who wants to engage us into doing custom house planning and design then we will be glad to assist them. It doesn't matter if a plot owner is aware of architects or ever thought of an architect for designing their house, the idea is to make the complete process easy and thoughtful. This cohesive and quality thought process for each house plan will make it easy to build there dream home.

We strongly feel that a house is not just a place of stay, but a space where events of life occur over generations. So it has to have the right thought process so that it is built well for you and your families live for 100 years or more. A house is planned as per the current needs of a family but it definitely needs to have a sincere thought about its growth and usage in future. Any plot owners invests his lifetime savings to build there family home so as to make sure that the investment is done wisely.

Getting professional assistance has always been considered as an expensive proposition, so here we would like to extend our support by making the designs with floor plans affordable and accessible to larger number of people. The designs have been developed by keeping in mind the requirements of any urban Indian nuclear or joint family. The plots sizes are something which varies from place to place but we have tried to develop as many possibilities as possible to showcase our design capabilities and we are not selling these readymade house plans.

Why Choose Us?

Our vision is to promote the importance of sustainable architecture in the built environment that is responsive to the technical, aesthetic and budgetary expectations of our clients.

Our approach is analytical with the aim to engage and solve problems within a specific context. We feel architecture is about the people as well as the buildings and therefore the buildings should be influenced by their surroundings, their use and the end users.

We like to think out of the box... way out of the box. It isn't uncommon for clients to come to us with an idea and for us to extrapolate it into something totally different while maintaining the initial vision of the client.

We have been practicing architecture for over 20 years, during which time we have maintained continual professional development.

We use state of the art design tools and dynamic project resourcing to ensure efficient delivery in terms of time, quality and value, at every project stage.

We consistently keep our clients informed; our responsiveness to your enquiries is second to none.